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 Marolo Grappas (Piemonte)

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A Power Point Presentation

Introduction to Marolo Grappa

Marolo "Maestro Grappaiolo"

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Standard packaging for Marolo Grappas
*   Barolo – Brunello & Moscato
Fact sheets on:
  • Barolo and Brunello Grappas
  • Moscato Grappa & Camomile Liqueur
  • Moscato "Dopo"
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The aged Barolo Grappas;9, 12, 15, 20 years old
*  Introduction
*  The “For Four” unit
* The labels of the 9, 12, 15, 20 year old Barolo
* The 12 year old Barolo grappa bottle and box
* The 12 year old Barolo grappa label


Sell sheets for:

Hand blown fancy bottles
"Twist & Moon" bottles:
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"Holes" bottles:
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Press Reviews From The "Spirit Journal"
-Award of Excellence
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-Moscato Grappa and Grappa & Camomile Liqueur
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-Barolo and Brunello Grappas
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-Grappa Marolo on the Wall Street Journal  
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Shelf Talkers
Marolo Tasting Placemat & How To Taste Marolo

Grappa and its distillation process

Marolo Grappa & MILLA - "short" Presentation

Marolo Grappa & MILLA - "long" Presentation

YouTube links to videos by Paolo Boselli
 1) Grappa Marolo & MILLA by Paolo Boselli
(10 min 42 sec)

 2)  Grappa Marolo & MILLA - class 101 - by Paolo Boselli
  (11 min 45 sec)


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