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Individualistic Estate-Bottled Italian Fine Wines

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"The Spirit Journal"
March 1998

"From Distilleria Santa Teresa dei F.LLI Marolo in Mussotto d-Alba, Italy come these three new-to-America charmers:
Grappa Barolo Grapes
42% Alcohol $65.00/750 ml
Pretty flaxen/straw yellow tint, absolute purity; the nose starts with a high voltage charge of mustiness immediately following the pour, then it settles down in the second pass into a serene, grapy, almost cheese-like scent that develops further with each nosing -- a seriously seductive bouquet that's on the mark from start to finish; in the mouth, this grappa offers multilayered tastes of grapers, honey, citrus, litchi, and honey wheat bread -- one of the more complex grappa flavor experiences I've come across in the past two years -- the midpalate is a flavor banquet of fruit and spirit; the finish is long, citrusy, deliciously tart, and amazingly elegant; a top drawer grappa that deserves a wide audience in the U.S.
Imported by International Wines & Spirit, Union, NJ
SJ Rating- ***** "
Grappa Sangiovese da
Brunello di Montalcino Grapes
42% Alcohol $60.00/750 ml
Crystal clarity, ideal purity; the interesting bouquet is almost more fabric-like than grape-like and I say this not as a negative at all -- in fact, I find this atypical aroma attractive -- the second pass unveils a heady spiritiness that I favorably respond to -- beneath the alcohol, though, lies a potent grape must scent that's both fresh and alluring - while not the most classical grappa nose, this bouquet keeps my attention riveted; on palate, this forward, assertive grappa thrusts comely flavors of licorice, sweet spirit, and ripe grapes onto the taste buds -- and they love it -- the midpalate highlights serious licorice and aniseed; the aftertaste is very long, vegetal/herbal with a dash of sassy spice; very nicely made grappa with a wonderful element of genuine pizzaz.
Imported by International Wines & Spirit, Union, NJ
SJ Rating- **** "