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"The Spirit Journal"
March 1998

Grappa Moscato Grapes
42% Alcohol $59.00/750 ml
Exceedingly pale yellow/straw tinge, perfectly pure; the nose is coy and unresponsive to begin with, then with time, swirling, and aeration, a potent spiritiness emerges slowly in the second and third nosings -- underpinning that spirit is the unique fragrant thumbprint of orangey/flowery moscato, one of my favorite unsung grape types both for dessert wines and for grappa -- a graceful, subtle bouquet of elegance and harmony; in the mouth, the spirit comes alive especially in the midpalate after a calm entry highlighted by raisiny, ripe grape flavors that completely relax the taste buds for the gentle blow of spirit -- the orange-kissed flavor of the midpalate is nothing short of divine; the aftertaste is serene, polite, firm, spirity, and intensely fruity; a real gem of a grappa.
SJ Rating- **** "
Grappa & Camomile Liqueur
35% Alcohol $55.00/750 ml
Editor's note:   chamomile is defined as a bitter-tasting composite herb made from pungent foliage and flower heads that are said to contain medicinal properties; pretty, deep yellow/gold color, with greenish core features, ideal clarity; the nose is dominated early-on by the mustiness of the grappa base spirit -- the second and third nosings uncover, with swirling, a very distant herbal echo that I guess to be the chamomile -- the fourth and last pass continue the march of the grape must; in the mouth is where the herbal influence is immediately discerned at entry -- in fact, the marriage of the grappa and the chamomile is so perfectly executed that I actually found myself smacking my lips -- fortunately for the SJ staff I sample alone in a closed-off room -- the midpalate is warm, inviting, and totally luscious as the balance of the acidy/sweet grape must and the the bitterness of the chamomile make for one of the best liqueur experiences I've had in the past year or two; the finish sees the sassy chamomile come to the fore as the sweet flavor slowly diminishes in the recesses of the throat; light enough to be enjoyed throughout the warm weather months; a major liqueur discovery!
Imported by International Wines & Spirit, Union, NJ
SJ Rating- ***** "